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Visual Arts

Metal surfaces that describe the transformation of the pure emotion inside of me to a new, dynamic and often hidden approach while the images of my imagination obtain photographic substance.
These artworks are a way to discuss and edit my photos in an area while changing their texture and readjusting my relationship with them.


Where the planet is named passion, time rests, flavor is pleasure and a single touch becomes light


Parallel glances, different perspectives, white and gray thoughts

Primary contact

Primary contact between people and the unpredictable course of their relationships


The deconstruction of personality with a new mask and its journey to a balanced, true form


Facing the distance through an emotional approach and the color as the first contact point

Looking ahead

Pressure exerted from undefined pictures of our everyday thoughts and their apparent view through our eyes


Nature’s unchanged beauty that protects and colors itself with light, presents a game of shadows


Even the light has the right to leave its shiny costume and get wrinkled, even if it’s just for a moment

The river

The undefined ending of a river, its contact with a shadow and the  future encounter with a white landscape

Digital awareness

The romantic side of knowledge meets digital information and discusses the rhythm of their coexistence


When a bridge becomes an airy path that unites different but parallel worlds through time

One way ticket

A ticket becomes a malleable wagon that travels with my imagination as a driver and with my thoughts as passengers to a unique journey


Time declares its artistic aspect and presents itself with a curve and a color

Having a break

An essential pause in everyday life changes its expected rate

I see you

The truth is that in the world where we move someone is always watching us